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This Week In Accessories: Time For A Ride

This Week In Accessories: Time For A Ride

August 10, 2012
Welcome to This Week in Accessories, a new column here at AppAdvice. The accessory market for iOS devices has become huge since the first iPhone was introduced a little more than five years ago. And finding the latest and greatest companion for your iOS device can be a challenge. So each week, we'll pick out some of the best new accessories that hit the market.


While wireless Bluetooth speakers have continued to rise in popularity, a new option from iDevices brings an interesting twist. The iShower is a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that has a range of more than 200 feet. So, you can leave your iOS device safe and dry while listening to music in the shower, pool, or at the beach. The speaker can be paired with up to five different devices at once. The iShower also has a built-in clock display and control buttons. The Grab-n-Go mount system allows the device to be easily installed and removed. The iShower is $99.99 and can be purchased directly from iDevices. If you’re interested in other Bluetooth speakers, take a look at the recently reviewed Philips ShoqBox SB7300 or my personal favorite, the Sound Kick from Soundfreaq.

Jot Touch

The stylus market has really taken off right along with the iPad. While there are more than a few options for users out there (my personal favorite is the Cosmonaut), a new stylus from Adonit – the Jot Touch – brings something different to the table. Using Bluetooth technology, the Jot Touch is a pressure-sensitive stylus. What that means is while using a compatible app, the stylus will communicate with the iPad to register how thin or thick the line should be. But that new technology does come at a high price - $99.99. Even though I can see a lot of different uses for this specific model, its success really hinges on whether app developers offer built-in compatibility.

ProJive XLR

Designed for audio professionals, CableJive’s ProJive XLR lets users record high-quality audio from an XLR microphone onto an iPhone, iPad, or Mac laptop. The four-foot long cord connects directly to the headphone port of your device instead of a 30-pin dock connector. The ProJive XLR is $28.95 and can be purchased at CableJive’s website.

THRONE and Walker Junior

While I-MEGO is a well-known accessories manufacturer in Europe and Asia, the company hasn’t had much of a footprint in the United States. But that has changed as the company recently introduced its THRONE and Walker Junior headphones. Featuring a unique look, the over-ear THRONE headphones come in two different models – THRONE Gold and THRONE Poison. Gold (pictured) is geared to big bass sounds for rock, R&B, and hip hop music listeners. Poison is accented with muted purple and chrome, and is designed for standout vocals and acoustics. Both versions come with a one-button music control microphone to take calls. The noise-canceling Walker Junior headphones are built for the traveler. With a pivoting headband, the headphones fold down to fit in a small space. Each earpiece contains a microphone that picks up and erases any outside noises All three headphones can be purchased directly from Amazon. Either model of the THRONE costs $124.40 while the Walker Junior can be nabbed for $66.98.

iBike MOTO

I’ve seen more than a few accessories for iPhones and bicycles, but the iBike MOTO from Velecomp is designed for the motorcycle riders out there. The case is fully enclosed along with being shock and weather resistant. The 360-degree mount attaches fits handlebars from 7/8 to 1 ¼ inches. A clear cover allows full touch control of an iPhone to take calls and listen to music. The system fits the iPhone 4S/4 and iPhone 3GS. It can be ordered directly from Velecomp for $79. That’s all for this week. It seems to be in the calm before the storm as the next-generation iPhone, along with possibly a new iPod touch and the fabled iPad mini, will probably be introduced in a little more than a month. And it’ll be interesting to see what new accessories will hit the market then.