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The First Refurbished Third-Gen iPads Appear In Apple's Online Store

The First Refurbished Third-Gen iPads Appear In Apple's Online Store

August 8, 2012
Refurbished third-generation iPads are now available to purchase from the Apple Online Store, with discounts on the tablets ranging from six to seven percent off the price of a brand-new third-gen model. The discount is $50 off each iPad, regardless of its capacity or 4G-capability, meaning folks in the market for a refurbished third-gen iPad could grab one for as little as $449 (for the 16 gigabyte Wi-Fi only model). If you want 4G connectivity, prices for LTE-compatible third-gen iPads begin at $579. As TUAW notes:
Quantities of Apple refurbs are usually limited, so if you're in the market for a new iPad and want a bit of a deal, act soon. Note that all Apple refurbished gear comes with a complete warranty, a new outer shell, a new battery, and you can add AppleCare Protection Plan to your purchase.
Recent rumors have suggested that Apple might refresh its third-gen iPad next month, adding the same "mini-dock" we're expecting to see launch on the sixth-generation iPhone, the iPad mini and the company's line of iPods. Though this is indeed a possibility, it could also be that Apple holds-off on adding the small-size dock to its 9.7-inch iPad until next year, when the fourth-generation model launches. If you don't care for newer, mini-dock equipped iPads, visit the Apple Online Store and take a look at the company's refurbished third-gen models now. Source: Apple Via: TUAW

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