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Tim Cook And Google’s Larry Page Reportedly Talking About Patent Battle

Tim Cook And Google’s Larry Page Reportedly Talking About Patent Battle

August 30, 2012
In an interesting development, Reuters is reporting that Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google’s Larry Page have been engaged in behind-the-scenes talks regarding the ongoing patent issues between the two companies. The two talked last week, and Reuters said that lower-level talks are also continuing. But what exactly was discussed still remains hazy:
One possible scenario under consideration could be a truce involving disputes over basic features and functions in Google's Android mobile software, one source said. But it's unclear whether Page and Cook are discussing a broad settlement of the various disputes between the two companies - most of which involve the burgeoning mobile computing area - or are focused on a more limited set of issues.
News of the talks comes after a California jury awarded Apple a little more than $1 billion in its patent lawsuit against Samsung and its numerous Android phones. After the verdict, Apple’s stock hit an all-time high just weeks before introduction of the next-generation iPhone. I’m glad to see that Cook and Page are at least talking about ending the patent battle between the two companies. Even though Steve Jobs promised to go “thermonuclear” against Android, maybe Cook will be satisfied with a settlement that will only add to the company’s cash hoard. And after seeing what the California jury did, Page should at least think about making peace and paying through the nose. Source: Reuters

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