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Today Is Z-Day For iOS Action Shooter Zombie Gunship

Today Is Z-Day For iOS Action Shooter Zombie Gunship

August 2, 2012
The popular iOS action shooter Zombie Gunship has just been updated with a new game mode. If you aim hard and shoot harder from your aircraft, the new mode should help you survive the game's zombie apocalypse with little to no trouble. One of the features most requested by players, the new mode is none other than a no-humans mode. That's right, the new mode is "all zombies, no civilians." That means you don't have to be concerned about harming the humans you should save while you gun down the infected ones. In the absence of civilians, you're now free to, as Zombie Gunship developer Limbic puts it, "savor the satisfaction of slaughtering zombies without the worry of collateral damage." The no-humans mode is accessible by unlocking the new Human Sequestration Advisory System on the game's map. But here's the catch: in order to start playing the game sans humans, you have to save a certain number of humans first in the other modes. The no-humans mode update is, of course, free for existing players of the game. For new players, the updated version of Zombie Gunship is available as a $0.99 universal game in the App Store. Now go ahead and get engaged in the game's zombie carnage, which, humans or no humans, is oddly fulfilling. And if you're indeed a proud and fulfilled fan of the game, go ahead and wear your Zombie Gunship pride. You can do so by choosing from Limbic's lineup of Zombie Gunship shirts here.

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