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Hiyaaa! Doodle Jump HD Goes All-Out Ninja In Latest Update

Hiyaaa! Doodle Jump HD Goes All-Out Ninja In Latest Update

September 25, 2012
Doodle Jump HD for iPad has just mastered the art and skill of ninja-style jumping. Last month, Doodle Jump for iPhone got updated with a brand new ninja theme. Now, it's Doodle Jump HD's turn to acquire and don the ninja suit for some ninja jumping moves. But as with Doodle Jump for iPhone, the new ninja theme is no mere cosmetic upgrade. That's because the new ninja theme also brings new power-ups, new monsters, and new obstacles. More notably, the ninja theme comes with a new in-game store. The store offers a variety of gameplay-enhancing items you can buy with real money or with the coins you collect in the game. Yes, the new theme also introduces coin collecting to the game. The in-game store offers the following selection:
  • Sumo Outfit: stomp and shake monsters down
  • Shadow Outfit: makes you invisible to monsters
  • Double Jumper: jump … and then jump again higher
  • Straw Propellerhat: flies you higher
  • Fire-Powered Jetpack: fire flies you higher than bamboo
  • Head Start Cannon: start the next game with a bang
  • Resurrect Barrel: saves you next time you fall
The new, ninja-loving Doodle Jump HD for iPad is available now in the App Store as a free update or as a new download for $2.99. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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