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Looking For An iOS 6 YouTube Client That's Better Than Google's Own App? Then Just Pick Jasmine

Looking For An iOS 6 YouTube Client That's Better Than Google's Own App? Then Just Pick Jasmine

September 23, 2012
By now, you should already know that Apple has discontinued its support for its native YouTube app in iOS 6. Not to worry, though. By now, you should also already know that Google has released its own YouTube app currently designed for iPhone and iPod touch. But what you may not know yet is that you can choose to have an arguably better YouTube client for iOS 6 in the form of Jasmine. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, Jasmine blossomed, so to speak, from the efforts of developer Jason Morrissey. As a matter of fact, the app was named in honor of Morrissey’s daughter, who I presume is at least as beautiful as her namesake app. Yes, Jasmine is quite a visually appealing app. It looks almost nothing like Google’s YouTube app, as it should, I guess. But it does bear hints of the clean minimalism of Google’s Chrome app for iOS, which is not bad at all. It also bears hints of the popular Reddit client Alien Blue, which is also developed by Morrissey. “It's a far lighter project than Alien Blue and doesn't carry a lot of bells and whistles,” Morrissey says of Jasmine, “but it may serve as a simple alternative.” Indeed it may. And as far as I'm concerned, it totally does. As outlined in the app’s description in the App Store, Jasmine boasts the following features:
  • Smooth and responsive interface
  • Night theme & dimming support for browsing in low light
  • Full support for managing playlists
  • Play audio/playlists in the background while you use other apps
  • Remembers your position when returning to long videos
  • Parental Controls to curate content and restrict video discovery (PRO)
  • Browse and discover channels
  • Post comments and replies
  • Aggressive filtering for comment spam and channel promotions
  • Supports AirPlay
  • Share videos via Twitter & Facebook
Best of all, Jasmine is available now in the App Store free of charge. So, download it now and make it your YouTube client of choice for iOS 6 (and beyond). [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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