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Unlocked iPhone Displays Suggest T-Mobile Won't Carry The Sixth-Gen Handset

Unlocked iPhone Displays Suggest T-Mobile Won't Carry The Sixth-Gen Handset

September 5, 2012
Back in July, we told you how folks were expecting T-Mobile to carry the sixth-gen iPhone handset. More recently, it was revealed that T-Mobile will be offering unlimited 4G data plans (that's "throttle-free!"), perhaps further indicating that the network would soon parter with Apple for the launch of the sixth-gen iPhone - or "iPhone 5." However, a new report claiming that T-Mobile will be installing "unlocked iPhone displays" in store suggests that, as in previous years, the network will not be offering carrier-locked iPhones on its network. According to TmoNews:
Our confidence level with this story is pretty high considering the sheer number of reports starting to come in regarding the idea that T-Mobile will have unlocked iPhones displayed in store running on T-Mobile’s 3G network. We’re pretty short on details but we do know that store managers were asked to activate a new microSIM before the end of August, but not told what device it would used with.
Nevertheless, even if T-Mobile isn't going to be partnering with Apple for the sixth-gen iPhone, unlocked smartphone owners might still be interested in hooking their contract-free handsets up to T-Mobile's network. The sixth-generation iPhone is set to be announced on Sept. 12, and many are expecting the handset to ship to customers (or become available in store) on Sept. 21. Are you going to get one? Source: TmoNews

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