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A Unique Level Creator, More Content, And iCloud Are Coming To Blueprint 3D

A Unique Level Creator, More Content, And iCloud Are Coming To Blueprint 3D

October 8, 2012
It was nearly a year ago when FDG Entertainment launched the iOS version of Blueprint 3D, a three-dimensional puzzle game. Since then, Blueprint has only received a few updates in content and enhancements, although, FDG has a big surprise coming. In the upcoming v2.0, the game will feature a unique level creator, Halloween level pack, and iCloud integration. Several puzzle games include custom level constructions tools as a way to extend replay value. However, FDG has designed a creation mechanism that's even simpler, yet appears to be just as effective. All you need to do is take a photo or import one from your camera roll and the game will convert it into a 3-D blueprint. Now, attempt to reassemble the object, person, etc or challenge a friend to complete the puzzle. As mentioned, the next great feature coming in v2.0 is iCloud integration. Utilizing Apple's online storage system allows users to restore progress after reinstalling an app and keep that progress synchronized among all of their iDevices. Blueprint 3D v2.0 will be available in the App Store on Oct. 18, and here's a video to demonstrate the level creator.

Because the most recent update was released in May, we'll provide you with a quick recap of the notable changes. To toughen things up, v1.1 added Advanced and Pro difficulty options to accompany the original, now identified as “normal.”
  • Normal: Sensitive auto-completion and “top” hint
  • Advanced: No “top” hint, no blueprint labels, and 1.5x score multiplier
  • Pro: Layers, no “top” hint, no blueprint labels, and 2.0x score multiplier
  What does FDG mean by “layers”? In Pro, each blueprint still remains in a three-dimensional fracture. However, instead of controlling all of the fragments with a single move, you must align two sets of fragments separately to create the 2-D image. There is the ability to do the full alignment and rotation one set at a time or align the two sets together and move both simultaneously for the final rotation. Blueprint 3D v1.3 included a tenth level pack that made browsing and selecting puzzles a bit tedious. So, FDG Entertainment revised the level pack selection screen. Containing only small preview icons, the package name, and current star progress, the new grid view can display multiple packs in a single screen. Tap on a level pack to show the details, and then tap Play to display the level choices. Blueprint 3D is designed for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 3.1 or later, and available in the App Store for $0.99. Blueprint 3D HD is compatible with iPad running iOS 3.2 or later, and available in the App Store for $2.99.

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