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It's Definitely Not A Taboo To Have Fun With Your Friends While Playing Unmentionables

It's Definitely Not A Taboo To Have Fun With Your Friends While Playing Unmentionables

October 13, 2012
There's this recently released game. But I'm afraid it's a game which must not be named. Well, actually, it does have a name. And the name is Unmentionables. Now, you might be forgiven for presuming that Unmentionables is a game about underwear. It's not. But if it's any consolation, Unmentionables does contain cartoon animals wearing only their underwear. If you pay attention to these animals and their speech bubbles, you'll know that Unmentionables, like Battle of Words, is a sort of iOS adaptation of Taboo. Taboo is, of course, the classic game that forbids players to mention certain words when trying to describe a keyword for other players to guess. Based as it is on a game that is basically a card game, Unmentionables is best played with friends. You and your friends split into teams and take turns playing Unmentionables, which offers three game modes:
  • Classic mode: Just like a regular game of Taboo. Set up your own rules and pick your team's mascot, and the cards you want to play with.
  • Marathon mode: It's lightning round time! Keep going until you run out of time.
  • Free play: Not everything has to be competitive. Come here to practice your skills!
Unmentionables is preloaded with a pack of free cards containing random words. But if you're so inclined, you can get more card packs by sharing Unmentionables with your friends or buying them in-app. There are also five cards available for free every week. Moreover, you can add your own cards to use in the game. And if any of your submitted cards gets included in the Unmentionables database, your name will, of course, be attached to it. Designed for iPhone but not yet optimized for iPhone 5, Unmentionables is available now in the App Store for free. Make sure to mention Unmentionables to your friends, so you can start playing it with them. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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