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New Version Of Jawbone’s UP Fitness Band Will Carry A Higher Price

New Version Of Jawbone’s UP Fitness Band Will Carry A Higher Price

October 26, 2012
Are you ready to get UP again? According to iLounge, Jawbone is very close to re-releasing its fitness wristband almost a year after it was pulled from the market due to numerous user complaints about the hardware. The original UP hit the market in November 2011 with a large amount of positive press and excitement. Users wore the band around their wrists at all times, and using Motion X technology, the system tracked daily exercise and sleep habits. The band paired with the free iPhone/iPod touch app to show an extensive amount of data to help create a happier and healthier lifestyle. While everything seemed to work fine at first, users began to notice a large number of problems with the band. Battery issues caused a number of bands to stop working altogether after the first or second full charge. Others reported syncing issues with the system. Like our own Bryan Wolfe, I had numerous problems with my band charging. After a replacement showed the same symptoms, I gave up on the system like so many other users. But Jawbone was quick to take notice and did a nice job being proactive. In December, when the company pulled the system from the market, it announced that users could receive a full refund and keep the bracelet, which was a very nice gesture. The new UP band will come in black, blue, green, and red and in small, medium, and large sizes. One big change does seem to be the price, which will be $130, $30 more than the previous version. There was no mention on the site for the cost increase, but iLounge did note that the lack of Bluetooth support in the original band was a letdown. Are you willing to take another look at UP this time around? With other options in the market like Nike’s Fuel Band, what will Jawbone have to do to make the wristband a success? Source: iLounge

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