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Some Manufacturers Have iPad Mini Accessories Ready To Order

October 12, 2012
With the iPad mini on track to be announced this month, accessory makers seem to be ahead of the game. According to AppleInsider, some Asian manufacturers already have accessories boxed, labeled, and ready to ship. An analyst from Topeka Captial Markets, Brian White, recently met with 20 Asian suppliers who showed him numerous accessories for the new tablet. One of the manufacturers even had a “pilot” version of the tablet that he was able to use. AppleInsider also reported that Best Buy stores have been receiving boxes with warnings to employees that they should not be opened. The boxes apparently hold displays to feature iPad mini accessories as noted in the above photo. The accessories are said to lineup with the apparent specs of the tablet’s 7.85-inch screen and smaller bezel. But accessory makers have gambled before and lost when creating accessories for unannounced iOS devices. Most famously last year, there were more than a few cases manufactured for the non-existent iPhone with a teardrop design that never made it to light. News broke today that the smaller tablet will more than likely be announced at an event Oct. 23. So we’ll know for sure then exactly what the newest member of the iOS family looks like and how much it will actually cost. Source: AppleInsider

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