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Get Fast And Furious As You Bust Some Spectral Cars In GhostRacer

Get Fast And Furious As You Bust Some Spectral Cars In GhostRacer

November 21, 2012
There's Ghost Rider. There's Speed Racer. And then there's GhostRacer. Who's GhostRacer? You, of course, once you hit the pedal to the metal in GhostRacer, the upcoming top-down racing game by Mos Speedrun creator Physmo. In GhostRacer, you don't play as an anime character with a flaming skull for a head, although that would be quite cool. GhostRacer is so named because, in the game, you have to race against the ghost cars of other players from around the world. Featuring 12 tracks on which to put your racing skills to the test, GhostRacer lets you compete with ghost racers from three categories: the world's top racers, your Game Center friends, and your peers, i.e., other players whose performance matches yours. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. In addition, GhostRacer includes a Grudge screen, where you can quickly engage in a grudge race with whomever you need to beat next. "The playing field has been leveled," says Physmo of the setup in GhostRacer, "with no rubber-banded AI, and no one having the advantage of a more powerful car, there can be no excuses for not winning!" GhostRacer also features the following:
  • Realistic driving model.
  • iCloud support - your progress will be updated on all your devices.
  • Retina, universal app - play on iPhone and iPad in high definition.
  • iPhone 5 screen supported.
  • Game Center support - check worldwide scores and challenge your friends.
  • 22 Achievements to collect.
  • iCade supported.
GhostRacer is set to speed into the App Store on Nov. 29. On your mark, get set ...

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