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Try Not To Be Caught In A Pickle As You Try To Outplay The Veggienauts In Outwitters

Try Not To Be Caught In A Pickle As You Try To Outplay The Veggienauts In Outwitters

November 20, 2012
If you hate eating veggies, it's time for a change of habit. Once you find yourself going against the Veggienauts in the new version of the popular turn-based strategy game Outwitters, you're just going to have to outwit and devour them. On second thought, your dislike for vegetables might work to your advantage as well, seeing as it might motivate you to destroy the Veggienauts with utter satisfaction. Of course, either circumstance is applicable only if you're going against the Veggienauts. If your Outwitters happen to be the Veggienauts themselves, then get ready to dish out some green leafy attacks against your opponents. The Veggienauts make up the newest team pack in Outwitters. The other, original team packs are the seafaring Scallywags, the robotic Feedback, and the adorable, er, Adorables. Just like the Feedback and the Adorables, the Veggienauts may be unlocked for play via in-app purchase. The Scallywags, on the other hand, are readily available for free. Note that along with the new Veggienauts team pack come two new one-on-one maps and a new two-on-two map. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Also included in the new version of Outwitters are the following enhancements:
  • Base avatars are available in the store. You can change them in your profile.
  • Player 2 now starts with 8 wits to counter the advantage of going first.
  • You now get a bonus wit for each enemy you kill.
  • Spawn menus have become prettier.
Compatible with both iPhone and iPad, but not yet optimized for iPhone 5, Outwitters is available in the App Store for free. Update to the latest version of this AppAdvice Game of the Week honoree now and start feeling the outwitting wrath of the Veggienauts. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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