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Blendamaze Moves To A Bigger Canvas, Your iPad

Blendamaze Moves To A Bigger Canvas, Your iPad

December 1, 2012
BorderLeap's combination puzzle game and art app, Blendamaze, has been well-received by iPhone users during its first few months. Today, there's even more to enjoy as gameplay expands to the iPad and the price is temporarily reduced to nothing. A very challenging classic board game, Labyrinth requires a dexterous player to carefully roll a marble to a specific destination using tilt controls. Not only is there a maze to carefully navigate, but all paths contain numerous holes that must be avoided. Blendamaze is just as difficult, except in a slightly different way. Instead of holes, the Blendamaze board contains tiny paint buckets, although, they're more like paint tubes because of their separate exit point. The game objective is still to reach certain locations, however, you need to prove your color knowledge first. Each level begins with a white marble, one or more destination locations, and the aforementioned items. Every destination point is color-coded: green, yellow, red, pink, etc. By tilting your iDevice, carefully and strategically roll the marble into the necessary paint tubes, such as yellow and blue to create green, and then to the appropriate end spot. If you mixed the correct colors and amounts, the marble will return to white, allowing you to satisfy the next color requirement. When incorrect, the marble is rejected and placed back into motion as the same color. Of course, the overall difficulty rises the further you progress. Later levels will consist of more colors, a larger variety of colors, and no walls. Basically, pay close attention to the shade of color, less is best, and patience is essential. The game features beautiful graphics and realistic physics, more than 100 levels, a no guidelines "Just Paint" mode, star rating system, and four paint types: primaries, secondaries, tertiaries, and full spectrum. Blendamaze is a universal app compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch running iOS 4.3 or later, and available in the App Store for free for a limited time. [gallery link="file"]

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