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Don't Get Hurt By The Feud Between Instagram And Twitter, Get Even

Don't Get Hurt By The Feud Between Instagram And Twitter, Get Even

December 10, 2012
Well, that was quick. Just days after Instagram disabled their integration with Twitter cards, the link between the two services is completely gone. As a result, Instagram users can no longer post pics on the popular social networking service, according to AllThingsD. Still, there is no reason to let the news get you down. Users can still post Instagram photos to Twitter. However, now it requires an additional step. First, use Instagram as you always have to take and/or create the perfect photo. And be sure to share it on Instagram. Next, create a new tweet through a Twitter client. We suggest using the free Twitter app, or one from a third-party, such as Tweetbot or Twitterific. Finally, attach your Instagram photo to the tweet. The photo is kept in your iPhone's Camera Roll. The growing feud between Facebook's Instagram and Twitter has been well documented in recent days. The bottom line: neither company likes the other very much, and users are the ones stuck in the middle. We hope that this post helps you! Happy tweeting and picture-taking, everyone! See also: Does Twitterrific 5 Make Twitter Terrific Again?

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