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Go On The Offensive In New Reverse Tower Defense Game Anomaly Korea

Anomaly Korea, the much-awaited sequel to the Apple Design Award-winning Anomaly Warzone Earth, has finally landed in the App Store. Announced four months ago, Anomaly Korea takes the exciting gameplay of its predecessor to new heights. Or at least to a new alien-infested setting. Anomaly Korea picks up months after the events of the first game. Anomaly Warzone Earth concluded with the victory of humans in the battle of Tokyo, thereby sending the alien invaders packing. But, if only for the purpose of an action-packed sequel, the aliens are back with a terrible vengeance. And they've chosen the Korean peninsula as the place in which to exact it. Like Anomaly Warzone Earth, Anomaly Korea is a tower offense game, i.e, a reverse tower defense game. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. In Anomaly Korea, rather than being stationary and defending your bases, you have to go to where the trouble is and administer your attacks right there. But you still need to plan carefully and manage your resources wisely in order to emerge victorious across the game's 12 missions. The game also features a new Art of War mode, where your leadership skills are put to the test. Of course, Anomaly Korea wouldn't be a worthy sequel to Anomaly Warzone Earth if it didn't have great visuals and an engaging soundtrack. For the record, it does. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Anomaly Korea is available now in the App Store for $2.99. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]
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