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Google's iOS Mobile Apps Teams Dare You To 'Do Cool Things That Matter'

Google's iOS Mobile Apps Teams Dare You To 'Do Cool Things That Matter'

December 29, 2012
Google has launched a Web ad campaign that positions the tech giant as a force to be reckoned with in the iOS arena. First reported by 9to5Mac, the campaign serves a couple of iOS-centric purposes. One, it promotes Google's popular suite of iOS apps. And two, it invites qualified individuals who might want to be part of Google's iOS development teams. The Web ad, which is captured in the video below, initially highlights a few of Google's popular apps for iOS: Google Search, YouTube, Chrome, and Gmail. Google Maps is not included presumably because the ad was made prior to its release on iOS earlier this month. It then transitions to a declaration saying "you can reshape Google for iOS" and an invitation to "do cool things that matter." If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. When clicked, the ad leads to a Google Jobs page promoting life as a member of Google's iOS mobile apps teams. The page includes an interview with a member of the team that develops the Google Search app for iOS. Of course, it also includes a link for software engineers who are interested in joining any of Google's iOS development teams. If nothing else, the campaign points out that the Google-produced Android is far from being the only mobile platform that the company supports. Indeed, thanks to Google's iOS apps, many of which have recently been improved remarkably, the iPhone now makes for a great Google phone. Similarly, the iPad now makes for a great Google tablet. Source: Google Via: 9to5Mac

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