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Soon It Will Be Time To Get The Germs

If you're looking for more brain teasing fun, you're in luck as we've been informed that Indice Games is on the verge of releasing a new physics-based puzzler, Get the Germs! A bit similar to games such as Tentacle Wars, Get the Germs's backstory is about vengeance against germs which threaten to ruin a scientist's life work. To eradicate the problematic microorganisms, the clever biologist created the Germinator, a strong antibody cell that destroys all germs in its path. Completing the task in section, i.e., levels and level groups, you'll direct the Germinator to encounter every germ in view and then reach an exit aperture. There are plenty of objects to take into consideration, including walls, cell dividers, lasers, multiple Germinators, and more. Due to its high elasticity, the Germinator is sent in motion using a slingshot gesture. You only get a limited number of shots, therefore, proper planning and accurate execution is critical. If you miss germs you loose points and earn a lower star rating. If you miss the exits, the level must be retried from the beginning. Get the Germs features 100 initial levels, five level groups, Game Center leaderboards, hand-drawn graphics, and a bouncy soundtrack. The game will be available in the App Store on Thursday, Dec. 13, for $1.99.
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