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Apple: No New Apple TV Features Anytime Soon

Apple: No New Apple TV Features Anytime Soon

January 30, 2013
For those hoping that the Apple TV experience would soon be getting a facelift, think again. After numerous reports suggested that a new Apple TV was coming soon, and with new features, Apple said differently, according to The Verge. Earlier, we noted that a new update for the Apple TV 2,1 and 3,1 included an image of an unannounced Apple TV 3,2 product with model A1469. At the time, it was suggested that the model would be smaller than previous models. Additionally, it looked to include the A5X processor found on the iPad 3, plus the iPhone 5’s single WLAN+Bluetooth antenna. We still don’t know if the next Apple TV will include this new processor. In addition, Apple has yet to state when a new Apple TV will be announced. When it is, however, the Apple TV experience will remain the same, as will the size of the device. Through a spokesperson, Apple says:
We sometimes make component changes which require an updated model number for regulatory approval. The component changes we made don't affect product features and Apple TV customers will continue to have the same great user experience.
Despite Apple's comment, our previous advice remains sound. The $99 Apple TV was last updated in March. In other words, if you happen to be in the market for an Apple TV, it might be wise to wait. As usual, we'll keep you updated. See also: Use THX Tune-Up To Make Sure Your TV Is Ready For The Super Bowl, and Apple TV Update Highlighted By Bluetooth Keyboard Support.

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