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Physics-Based Puzzle Action Is In Full Swing In Swing King

Physics-Based Puzzle Action Is In Full Swing In Swing King

January 3, 2013
In addition to the "endless rafter" Catch the Ark, the popular game publisher Chillingo has also debuted today a new physics-based puzzle game called Swing King. As the game's story goes, the title character's colorfully furry kingdom is in grave danger. So grave in fact that Swing King himself is prompted to presumably stop sitting on his furry throne and to swing into action. Literally swing into action. A sort of reverse Contre Jour (also a game from Chillingo), Swing King challenges you to help the back-and-forth-moving monarch swing his way through 92 puzzling levels. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. To keep things swinging, you also have to collect all of the stars in every level. You can also unlock all of the hats (I repeat: hats) in your in-game wardrobe by completing all of the challenges in the game. To do all of the above, you basically have to fling the king over various obstacles and enemies. Occasionally, you also have to use power-ups, including the sticky grappling point and the hard-hitting boxing glove. We'll have a full review posted here on AppAdvice by tomorrow. But you can already get Swing King now in the App Store as a $0.99 universal game. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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