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Would You Buy The iPhone 6 If It Looked Like This?

January 6, 2013
What do you imagine the next iPhone would look like? Well, one designer conceptualizes it as something of an improvement on the new iPod nano. Or perhaps it's an improvement on the … Nokia Lumia? It's been only three months since the iPhone 5 was released. But already we've been hearing rumors about the next generation of Apple's bestselling smartphone. So far, we're told that the so-called iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 is probably going to be available in different colors, just like the iPod nano. Also, it's said to come in multiple screen sizes, i.e., an iPhone mini may just be in the works. It's hardly surprising, though, that we haven't been hearing rumors about what the next iPhone would look like beyond the color and size speculations. After all, the upcoming device's release is still a long way off. But one designer has already boldly conceptualized the general design of the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. Before we proceed, let's just go with iPhone 6, shall we? Since the iPhone 5S, as it were, is not likely to feature a major design refresh anyway. All right, moving on … If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. The designer in question is none other than Italian designer Federico Ciccarese. You may remember Ciccarese as the man behind last year's curved iPhone 5 and creepy wearable iPhone mockups. Now, Ciccarese is back with his iPhone 6 concept design, which you can see in the video above. Notice that the screen displays a combination of elements from iOS and OS X. Ciccarese calls this iOSX. But let's focus on the hardware design. Ciccarese claims that it's based on the shape of the new iPod nano. And it does look like the new iPod nano, but only to a certain extent. Frankly, it looks more like a metallic Nokia Lumia. Nokia should probably prepare their ace litigators already, on the off chance that Apple went with this design. All things considered, I'm not a big fan of this concept design. I'll hold on to my stunningly simple iPhone 5, thank you very much. How about you? Is the iPhone 6 as Ciccarese envisions it something you would gladly buy? Source: Ciccarese Design Via: Mashable

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