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Apple PR Staff Reportedly Stepping Up To The Plate Amid Mounting Competition

February 6, 2013
Amid all the murmurings of doom and gloom surrounding its current state, Apple appears to have been "trying (a little) harder to get its message out," as The Wall Street Journal puts it. The Cupertino-based company has long been known to issue press releases only for its major announcements, as for product launches or sales disclosures. But Apple seemed to have gone out of character with its last couple of press releases. Last week, Apple issued a press release to announce the arrival of iOS 6.1. As noted by The Wall Street Journal, it was "the first time Apple has issued an official press release for a non-major mobile software release unrelated to a new device since 2010." The minor software update brought little beyond LTE support for more carriers, Fandango integration with Siri, and iTunes Match downloading. Also last week, Apple issued another press release to announce the new 128GB Retina iPad, which went on sale today. Moreover, Apple reportedly has been sending more third-party reports favorable, of course, to the company. Since the start of 2013, no less than five such reports have been sent by Apple, apparently surpassing the corresponding number of reports from recent months. According to a source of The Wall Street Journal, who is familiar with the matter, Apple's latest PR moves represent "a recognition that competition is heating up." Source: The Wall Street Journal Via: 9to5Mac

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