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Get Amped Up And Spawn Some Superb Synth Sounds With Magellan

Get Amped Up And Spawn Some Superb Synth Sounds With Magellan

February 5, 2013
Last week, we told you about the new update to Audiobus, the impressive routing system for audio apps. Now, one of the apps compatible with Audiobus has just been updated with an Audiobus-specific improvement … and then some. The app in question is called Magellan. It's not to be confused, of course, with any of the Magellan Roadmate apps. This Magellan, which is developed by Yonac Inc., is a professional analog modeling synthesizer for iPad, rather than a personal navigation app. As mentioned, Magellan has just been updated with a new feature focused on Audiobus. This feature is the ability to use Magellan as an effects processor in Audiobus connections. This means that in addition to being used in Audiobus' input slot, Magellan can now also be used in Audiobus' effects slot. In line with this, Audiobus has also been updated with two new free effects, namely, HEXEq and VC-93 Compressor. The former is a highly customizable 6-channel parametric equalizer, while the latter is a juicy compressor with built in I/O VU meters. But undoubtedly the biggest highlight of Magellan's latest update is the addition of SPAWN. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. SPAWN stands for Smart Preset Aggregation with Windowed raNdomization, and it's a new feature that creates "intelligent" preset sounds. "Intelligent" in what sense, you ask? Allow Jim Yonac, chief engineer at Yonac Inc., to explain:
Some synthesizers have a random preset feature that haphazardly chooses sound parameters, which mostly produces unusable sounds. Instead, we use artificial intelligence to generate unique and usable patches for Magellan.
Check out SPAWN's key attributes below:
  • Uses specially designed artifical intelligence algorithms to generate new presets on-the-fly
  • Makes decisions based on the user-specified tonality parameters, such as Bass, Lead, Pad or "Weird"
  • Algorithms intelligently decide and generate over 100 synth-related parameter and over 80 fx-related parameters
  • Generate arp patterns in any chosen scale, or in a random scale
  • Use "Surprise Me" option to give complete control to the system
  • Retains 16 most recent spawns in memory under the dedicated "Recent Spawns" bank
Compatible with iPad running iOS 5.1 or later, the new version of Magellan is available now in the App Store as a free update or as a new download worth $14.99. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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