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Popular Reddit Client Alien Blue Gains Moderator Tools, UI Improvements And More

Popular Reddit Client Alien Blue Gains Moderator Tools, UI Improvements And More

February 6, 2013
Alien Blue, the popular Reddit client for iPhone, has received another major update. And by "major," I do mean "major." Reddit has an official iOS client called iReddit. But I (and thousands of other users) can't recommend Alien Blue enough as a complete replacement for Reddit's own app. Especially now that Alien Blue, which is developed by the same guy behind the free universal YouTube client Jasmine, has received a fresh batch of enhancements. Among others, a set of moderator tools is introduced by the latest update to Alien Blue. These give you the ability to approve or remove posts and access mod queue, removed, and reported posts. In addition, templates for notifying posters of moderation activity are included. These moderator templates can be backed up and synced across iOS devices via iCloud. Also featured in the latest Alien Blue update are various UI improvements. Foremost among these is the revised posts view that allows for more visible posts per screen. The new moderator tools and UI improvements are also set to be implemented in Alien Blue's big brother, Alien Blue for iPad. Alongside numerous fixes, the following miscellaneous improvements are also included in the new version of Alien Blue:
  • Drag from screen edges, toolbar or navigation bar to easily navigate back (and forward) without reaching
  • Clipboard detection for Reddit links
  • Optimal article view now uses a hybrid readability engine to render articles to match your Alien Blue color/font settings
  • Optimal switch now remembers your preference based on content type (gifs, videos, articles etc.)
  • Ability to choose Instapaper Mobilizer, Readability, or Alien Blue's native layout for reformatting articles
  • Ability to order search results by number of comments
  • Improved handling of image centric / comic websites in optimal
  • Improved scroll performance for comments
And so are the following new gestures:
  • Screen edges (and navigation bar) can be dragged to navigate back or forward
  • Drag beyond an article to switch to its comments. Same for switching from comments to an article.
  • Dragging any browser content downward will quickly toggle between it's optimal and original view.
  • Long press on back button to skip directly to any previous screen
  • Triple tap on navigation bar to switch between day/night theme
Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 5.0 or later, Alien Blue is available in the App Store for free. Alien Blue for iPad is also available in the App Store for $3.99.

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