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Fast And Frenzied Endless Running Game Sonic Dash Out Now On iOS

Fast And Frenzied Endless Running Game Sonic Dash Out Now On iOS

March 7, 2013
Yesterday, we told you about Sonic Dash, Sega's upcoming endless running game starring none other than Sonic the Hedgehog. Well, now you can scratch that "upcoming" part, since Sonic Dash is out now in the App Store. As expected, Sonic Dash is a behind-the-back or over-the-shoulder endless runner like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and a great many other endless runners on iOS. In the game, you play as Sonic as he runs through a gorgeously rendered 3-D world filled with obstacles and enemies. To get around these obstacles and enemies, you must swipe sideways, up, or down. Swiping down, in particular, makes Sonic roll into a ball that can attack enemies on the ground. Along the way, you must also collect gold rings, which you can use to purchase upgrades in the in-game shop. Collecting rings also fills up the ring meter. Press the dash button once the meter is full to make Sonic perform the action after which the game is named: dash. Specifically, to dash is to run at insane speeds and destroy everything in Sonic's path. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 5.0 or later, Sonic Dash is available now in the App Store for $1.99. Sonic Dash is developed for Sega by Hardlight Studios, which also developed the jumping game Sonic Jump. Sonic Jump, for its part, is inspired by a Sonic game for Java-enabled devices rather than by the popular endless jumping game Doodle Jump. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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