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Porcine Plunderers, Beware: Angry Birds Gains New Bad Piggies Levels

Porcine Plunderers, Beware: Angry Birds Gains New Bad Piggies Levels

March 7, 2013
Mere minutes after the release of the "Slashing" update to Angry Birds Space, a new update also arrived for the Angry Birds game that started it all. The latest update to the original Angry Birds adds 15 new levels that happen to be some of the "piggest" ever for the Bad Piggies episode. The Bad Piggies episode is, of course, inspired by the spin-off pigs-can-fly game Bad Piggies. In fact, it was added to Angry Birds just a couple of weeks after the launch of Bad Piggies. In this episode, you're still tasked to obliterate the porcine plunderers in each level. But what earns it the Bad Piggies label is the fact that the fortresses you have to destroy in this episode are all patterned after the flying contraptions in Bad Piggies. Originally, the Bad Piggies episode contained 15 levels. But it was updated with 15 more when Angry Birds celebrated its third "birdday." And now, another set of 15 levels has been added, bringing the total level count in the episode to 45. Compatible with iDevices running iOS 4.3 or later, the newly updated Angry Birds for iPhone and Angry Birds HD for iPad are available in the App Store for $0.99 and $2.99, respectively. The Bad Piggies game itself was also updated last week with new Flight in the Night levels and Road Hogs time trials. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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