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Reeder To Use Feedbin And Other Sources Following Google Reader's Exit

March 28, 2013
Earlier this month, the folks behind the popular Reeder app for iOS said that they would live another day even though Google was killing off Google Reader. Reeder is largely powered by Google’s product. We now know that Feedbin will provide some of the support for Reeder going forward, according to The Loop. This news was subsequently confirmed by Reeder via Twitter. Feedbin is based on open source software, and includes an API that will sync subscriptions, and articles. Tuaw notes that the iPhone version of Reeder will be the first to include Feedbin integration. The iPad and OS X versions will follow. It should be noted that Reeder won't rely solely on Feedbin. Rather, it is just one of the services that will be added. Others will be announced at a later date. Again, via Twitter: The $2.99 Reeder app for the iPhone/iPod touch is available here. The $4.99 iPad version is also available, as is the $4.99 Mac version. See also: Zite Reacts To Google Reader’s Demise While Prepping A New Web Product, and Google Reader Is Dead, Long Live These Alternatives.

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