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Samsung Ads Are Everywhere For A Very Good Reason

Samsung Ads Are Everywhere For A Very Good Reason

March 13, 2013
There’s a reason Samsung ads seem to be everywhere. In 2012, the South Korean company spent $401 million on U.S. print, television, billboard, and Internet advertisements, as it became Apple’s biggest rival, according to The Wall Street Journal. New data from Kantar Media shows that Samsung’s spending jumped by $323 million between 2011 and 2012. At the same time, Apple’s ad spending also increased, but not at the same pace. During the past year, Cupertino spent $333 million in advertising in the U.S. This compared to $253 million in 2011. In third place was HTC, which spent $46 million. This was down $124 million from the year before. BlackBerry, and Nokia rounded out the top five.

Samsung’s ad blitz will almost certainly continue, especially this week. Tomorrow, March 14, the company will unveil the Galaxy S IV at a media event in New York. See also: Unboxing The Samsung Galaxy S IVSurprisingly, Samsung Doesn’t Go After Apple In Super Bowl Ad, But It Still Worked, and Apple's Former Ad Guru Says It Is Time For Apple To Think Different Again.

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