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Stunningly Designed Virtual Vinyl Record Player Turnplay Is Free To Download Today

Stunningly Designed Virtual Vinyl Record Player Turnplay Is Free To Download Today

March 19, 2013
Last December, we highlighted a stunningly designed music player app for iPad called Turnplay. But if, for some reason, you haven't downloaded the app since then, you're in luck. That's because as part of our AppsGoneFree feature today, Turnplay has, well, gone free. And for the first time at that. That's right. Regularly priced at $1.99, Turnplay is available today for the awesome price of free. So, if you'd like to have your very own vinyl record player, albeit a virtual one, go ahead and download Turnplay now. As my colleague Christine noted in her review, Turnplay is "a beautiful way to play and listen to your music on the iPad. Remember vinyl? That was the way people listened to music before CDs, MP3s, and iTunes. And now, the experience is amazingly recreated with Turnplay." If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Indeed it is. Turnplay is superbly skeuomorphic. It offers an interface that is a full imitation of the main functions of the real thing. It has pitch control, scratch, and even 33/45 playback speed buttons. With this interface, your favorite digital records are effectively turned into beautifully rendered virtual vinyl records.
 Turnplay lets you play your records in either of two playback modes, namely, shuffle and queue. It also supports playing tracks from iCloud through its iTunes Match integration. Compatible with iPad and iPad mini, Turnplay is currently available in the App Store for free. Get. It. Now. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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