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The AppAdvice Week In Review: TV Anywhere's Rise, Jony Ive's Debut And More

The AppAdvice Week In Review: TV Anywhere's Rise, Jony Ive's Debut And More

March 24, 2013
The year is 2020. Apple CEO Jony Ive is about to take the stage at the annual Worldwide Entertainment Conference (WEC) in Cupertino, Calif. In a few moments, he will announce the upcoming lineup for iTunes E, the company's far-reaching media network. Besides confirming that the Tiffany network, CBS, is finally offering programming via iTunes E, Ive will unveil the iSee. Available for $99, the tiny device is a contact lens that provides virtual content 24/7, including video content, FaceTime interaction, and more. The product is likely to mean the end of the line for Google's once-popular Glass device, which will look old by comparison. Sound silly? Perhaps not so much when you consider some of the news making headlines during the third week in March 2013.

TV Everywhere

It looks like we're getting closer to the day when access to most iOS video content isn't tied to a cable or satellite subscription. Both HBO and ABC announced plans that could make it easier for someone without a subscription to access their content on an iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. The plan ABC is working on would allow users access to LIVE content on mobile devices. By contrast, HBO may soon offer mobile and Web content tied, not to a cable subscription, but to an Internet service account. Both moves could go a long way towards making the long-promised TV Everywhere concept a reality. More importantly, it could increase Apple's influence in Hollywood, since many of the world's mobile devices run Cupertino's operating system. On a related topic, HBO is gearing up for the third season premiere of "Game of Thrones." This week, we found out that iPhones are much loved on the show's set. We also heard that the official Game of Thrones iOS app has been updated for the new season.

The year of the watch

Eventually, it may become passé to view video content on something as large as a smartphone. Instead, users may want to view high quality video content on a smart watch. While most of the rumors in recent months have focused on Apple's so-called iWatch device, it looks like Google and Samsung may also be getting in on the e-watch game. The biggest question: Which company will announce their product first?

Skeuomorphism in decline

It probably didn't seem like it at the time, but the newest update to Apple's Podcasts app was a significant one for the company. It was the first app that stripped the skeuomorphic design used by Apple's former iOS head, Scott Forstall. Jony Ive and his team are expected to unveil similar tweaks via the highly anticipated iOS 7 update coming later this year. The goal is to better match Apple's software and hardware design.

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