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Circa News Update Focuses On Improvement In Two Major Areas

Circa News Update Focuses On Improvement In Two Major Areas

April 5, 2013
For the third time this year, Circa News has been updated. Version 1.3 focuses on improving two major areas – refresh speed and followed stories. In the release notes, developer Circa 1605 says the new version runs anywhere from five to 10 times faster. That’s definitely great news. On the followed stories front, the feature has been moved to the main page of the app for easier access. It’s now a button on the top right of the main screen. The interface has also been tweaked. If you receive updates to a story, the information will now simply appear at the top of the story. And finally, users no longer have to be logged in to the app to follow stories. If you’re not aware of Circa News, it is really an interesting app. It hit the App Store last year and offers a nice way to digest the stories that are making news today. Read our own Christine Chan’s original review to see a little more on how Circa News works. Along with being named our App of the Week soon after its release in October, it was also chosen as one of our Top 10 Free iPhone Apps Of 2012. Circa News is designed for the iPhone/iPod touch. It can be downloaded now in the App Store for free.

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