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Google Removes Support For UDID Access In Latest AdMob SDK For iOS

Google Removes Support For UDID Access In Latest AdMob SDK For iOS

April 9, 2013
Google has just issued an update to its AdMob SDK for iOS in order to, most notably, comply with an Apple policy that is set to take effect in just over three weeks. Last month, we reported that starting May 1, Apple will no longer accept new or updated apps that access Unique Device Identifiers (UDIDs), along with those that are not optimized for Retina display. Now, ahead of Apple's May 1 deadline, Google has completely done away with UDID access in the new 6.4 version of AdMob SDK for iOS. "This version of the SDK completes the transition away from UDID, which began with version 6.2," says Google's AdMob Team. Once the de facto tool used by developers to learn customer patterns, UDID was eventually replaced with the more secure Advertising Identifier following UDID leaks and privacy issues. Aside from the removal of UDID support, the following improvements are included in AdMob SDK for iOS 6.4:
  • Fix for GADInterstitial crash that occurs when app is running in the background
  • Fix for GADMRAIDInterceptor threading crash
  • Renaming symbols to prevent duplicate symbol errors
  • Support for receiving test ads when using AdMob through mediation
  • Test ads are only available on devices running iOS 6 and above
Click here to view the complete release notes for the update and here to download the new SDK. Via: The Next Web

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