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Clean, Simple Interface And Improved Weather App Feature In New iOS 7 Concept

The closer we get to WWDC 2013, the more interesting and exciting iOS 7 concept videos we'll see. One such concept to recently appear online imagines a new, clean interface for Apple's mobile operating system, in which improvements have been made to the Lock screen, Notification Center, and the fast app switcher. Furthermore, the concept, put together by, offers an intriguing "one more thing" in the form of a redesigned Weather app. Here's the concept video, see what you think:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

In recent months, further iOS 7 concept videos have demonstrated how iOS notifications could be improved, and have also explored the potential that Apple could add a selection of Home screen toggles in the seventh iteration of its mobile operating system. Almost every concept, however, appears to have acknowledged that Jony Ive's influence on iOS 7 will result in a cleaner, simpler operating system. How do you like the above concept? For further iOS 7 related news, see: The Person Next To You Could Already Be Using Apple's iOS 7New Concept Outlines Enhanced iOS 7 App Switcher, and Countdown Is On For Jonathan Ive’s New Baby, iOS 7.
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