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Could Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Finally Be iOS-Bound?

Could Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Finally Be iOS-Bound?

May 22, 2013
One recently leaked piece of information suggests that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the classic role-playing game from BioWare and LucasArts, could finally be set to launch in the App Store - and specifically, on the iPad, according to IGN. Though nothing has been confirmed officially, in an email sent to gamers by Aspyr Media (pictured above), one line of header text states that: "The critically-acclaimed Star Wars RPG is now available on iPad." The email itself, however, oddly goes on to promote the Call of Duty game series, suggesting that its mention of a "critically-acclaimed" Star Wars RPG iPad app was accidental. IGN explains, however:
A KOTOR [Knights of the Old Republic] port for iPad isn't too much of a stretch considering Aspyr's history. The company is responsible for the original Mac port and has been increasingly active on the App Store. Although there have been some other fringe Star Wars RPGs over the years, KOTOR seems like the obvious bet.
Here's hoping Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is indeed set to launch for the iPad, because it would be a welcome addition to the App Store. We'll let you know if any further news concerning this story hits the Web. In the meantime, see: Listen To The Rhythm Of Falling Rain Wherever You Go With RainingfmPlay The Puzzling First Chapter Of Unmechanical With Unmechanical Begins, and Apple Pushes Father's Day iPad Sales In Updated Apple Online Store.

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