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Cydia Tweak: Add A Music Scrubber To Your Lock Screen With LSMusicSeek

Cydia Tweak: Add A Music Scrubber To Your Lock Screen With LSMusicSeek

May 2, 2013
One new jailbreak tweak called LSMusicSeek allows jailbreakers to quickly skim, or "scrub," through a music track from their iDevice's Lock screen. Once downloaded and installed, users will find that a music "scrubber" replaces the volume slider in the music controls on their jailbroken iDevice's Lock screen, as pictured below. With this scrubber, jailbreakers can quickly skip forward or backward through a track using the Lock screen's music controls, which can be revealed through a double-press of the Home button. While the jailbreak tweak obviously adds a music scrubber at the expense of the original volume slider, it's worth remembering that hardware buttons on the left of the iPhone will still allow users to quickly alter volume levels. Activating LSMusicSeek is as simple as downloading and installing the jailbreak tweak, and users can remove the feature by uninstalling the package from within the Cydia app. Currently, the new jailbreak tweak is available to download for free in the Cydia Store, via the ModMyi repository. Take a look at LSMusicSeek now, or for more information, check out the below video demonstration.

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

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