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Developer: Launching Star Command Was Only The Beginning

Developer: Launching Star Command Was Only The Beginning

May 21, 2013
According to the app's developer, the popular sci-fi strategy game Star Command is soon to receive a number of impressive updates, adding features including support for groups and squads, cloud-based saves, and a much improved token system. The news hit the Web in an update added to the app's original Kickstarter project page. While an Android version of Star Command is said to be the developer's next priority, following the launch of the Android port a number of impressive features will be added to both applications. Though the list is long, some of the most impressive additions set to beam into Star Command include the ability to group crew members in order to formulate squads, cloud-powered game saves, and an enhanced token system. Concerning the latter feature, the app's developer explained:
Currently the system is very nuanced - a room charges and builds tokens based on crew ratings and how many are assigned and really never does a good job explaining to the player how good or bad they are doing. Our new system will be much clearer and also more pronounced - skill ratings will be for getting crew new skills, not governing how quickly your ship recharges weapons, shields and damage. This is an important one for us as its one of the big changes that will lead us into the desktop vision we have.
In addition, however, Star Command's developer also mentioned two potential features that had been tested, but didn't work out:
  • Pause Button We have heard you but we feel like this undermines the core play cycle - namely chaos management. We think that some of the above changes will remove or streamline some of the more obtuse and annoying management elements (removal of ammo tokens, grouping, etc) freeing you up to really focus on your ship.
  •  Automatic Healing/Repair There will be some version of this with the alert status system, but we don’t really like the idea of just removing the crew management element. Yes, sometimes your crew will stand there, burning alive. Yes, they can just walk into a hull breach and get sucked into space. Those are just part of the game. If we just make the crew manage themselves the game slowly becomes an ant hill observation game.
The main feature most will be looking for in an update to Star Command, though, is new content - and specifically, new missions. Fortunately, this is also in the works, and could be incorporated within a free-roaming mode of gameplay, which is something players will definitely appreciate:
We have a goal for brand new missions and really opening up the galaxy for free roaming with the next update. We are really focusing on non-combat missions that expand the universe and get you involved with the galaxy. Yes, there will be combat missions but those should also have some fun new twists that we just didn’t have time for when released the initial game.
Finally, the developer added that it also hopes to incorporate "away teams" within the app, mainly for planetary exploration and enemy ship invasion. Though this more complex feature "will take some time to get right." Alongside the above mobile development, Star Command will make the quantum leap over to Windows and OS X at some point in the near future, too. We'll keep you updated with further news on the popular iOS app as it becomes available. In the meantime, Star Command is available to download in the App Store for $2.99, and is optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Check out the game, or for further app related news, see: The Freemium Fotor Photo Editor For iPhone Adds A New Collage FeatureReloaded Leisure Suit Larry iOS App Delayed By One Month, and Readmill Gains More Font Sizes, Highlight Deletion And Other Improvements.

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