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Google Is Showing It Can Fight The Mobile War On Two Fronts

Google Is Showing It Can Fight The Mobile War On Two Fronts

May 15, 2013
Google made something very clear at today’s I/O conference: it wants to win the mobile war with Android while also dominating the iOS platform with its own apps. And I must say, it seems to be doing a good job of both. First up, Google announced that it has activated more than 900 million devices, way up from the 400 million in 2012. That being said, the number can be a little deceiving as “activations” also include software updates of older devices. In early 2013 Apple, announced that it has sold more than 500 million iOS devices. And just as Apple nears the magical 50 billion app download crescendo, Android isn’t far behind, sitting at 48 billion app installations. Almost as important as total download numbers, the revenue in the Google Play store is 2.5 times more per user than it was 12 months ago. While those numbers are impressive, I think Google has done an even better job with its iOS apps. The next version of Google Maps, due to hit the App Store sometime this summer, look fantastic. Along with integrating Google Offers, the traffic part of the app will continue to expand. And finally, there will also be an iPad-specific version of the app. The new Hangouts app, which was just released, also looks like a great attempt by Google to clean up its previous missteps in the messaging area. And that’s not even including its iOS search app, which was recently updated to add Google Now. So what does Apple need to do to counter Google’s growing threat? Plainly, do a great job of hitting it out of the park at WWDC next month in San Francisco. Even though we know there will probably not be any hardware announcements, iOS 7, also know as Jony Ive’s “baby,” needs to wow both iOS and Android users. Along with adding new features to the already winning formula, Apple’s own Maps app desperately needs tweaking. And I’d be pleased with a long overdue appearance from iRadio as well. What does Apple need to do to stop Google's momentum? Image via TechLunatic

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