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WWDC 2013 Countdown: Three More Things Apple Should Announce In June

WWDC 2013 Countdown: Three More Things Apple Should Announce In June

May 22, 2013
In less than three weeks, Apple CEO Tim Cook will take to the podium at the Worldwide Developers Conference to deliver his keynote. With this event, we’ll finally have a better idea of what Cupertino is planning for the year. Last week, we suggested four new and/or revised products and features that Cook should announce during his keynote. These included iWork '14, an iPhoto reboot, iOS trial software, and new iTunes Match features. In our second of a four-part series, we add three more items to our list.

iPad mini 2

It looks increasingly likely that Apple won’t announce any new iOS devices at WWDC. Instead, they will probably wait until iOS 7 is available to the public to refresh their mobile line. Nonetheless, we’re still hoping that Cupertino uses the WWDC keynote to announce the second-generation iPad mini. This model, or so the rumors go, is expected to look a lot like its predecessor, but include a Retina display. By launching the iPad mini 2 in June, Apple could create some new hardware buzz heading into the summer, and help us forget that the "iPhone 5S" isn't here yet.

iRadio powered by Beats by Dr. Dre

We’re still fairly confident that Apple’s long-rumored “iRadio” streaming music service will make its debut next month. This assumes, of course, that Apple is able to sign contract deals with the music industry – something it has apparently failed to do so far. In March, it was rumored that Apple was “in talks” with Beats Electronics, the folks behind the incredibly popular line of headphones, about some sort of partnership. Beats also happens to own MOG, the music streaming service that is supposed to be radically changed sometime this year. With all this being said, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities that Apple’s iRadio service and MOG could be merged into one. Will this happen? Probably not. However, with Google now firmly entrenched into the streaming music business, it would be nice to see Apple release something that comes with it a lot of loud buzz.

Flat is fine, but …

No one is expecting that Apple will reinvent the wheel with iOS 7. However, there needs to be more to Apple's next mobile operating system than simply a shift to a flat design. Among the things we’d like to see are a heavily revised Notification Center, more customization possibilities, and new tools for Siri. That shouldn't be asking too much, right? What new products and/or features do you want to see Apple announce this year?

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