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AOL: Mail, Weather, News & Video Arrives For The iPad

AOL: Mail, Weather, News & Video Arrives For The iPad

June 27, 2013
Hitting the App Store today, the iPad optimized AOL: Mail, Weather, News & Video actually does a nice job of being a competent news app. Bringing together up-to-date news, videos, and featured stories in a well-designed format, the app also allows users to check their AOL mail inbox at the same time. Users can also select the news categories that they are most interested in. Articles and videos in the app can even be saved to view at a later time. Stories can be shared through Facebook and Twitter along with AOL mail. As a nice touch, over time, the app will learn a reader’s specific interests and tailor the featured news feed. Designed only for the iPad/iPad mini, AOL can be downloaded now in the App Store for free. No word on when or if an iPhone version of the app will be released. For more app news today, see: Rolomotion's Motion Tennis Bounces Into The App Store, The Famous Professor Sends His Son To The App Store In Layton Brothers, ProjectBook Is Now Called NoteSuite, A Completely New Solution For iPad, and New Livestream App Lets You Discover, Experience And Broadcast Live Events. [gallery link="file"]

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