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Apple Launches iAd Workbench, Allows Devs To Advertise From $50

Apple Launches iAd Workbench, Allows Devs To Advertise From $50

June 12, 2013
In a bid to make iAds more accessible for iOS developers, Apple has launched iAd Workbench: a new tool that allows devs to design Apple-powered advertisements for their apps, and to launch a mini ad campaign for as little as $50. Apple explains:
Reach millions of iOS users with iAd Workbench, the simplest way to create, manage and optimize ad campaigns to promote your apps. Get started in just a few simple steps. Select the right audience for your app and set the best price for your business goals. Build customized banners in minutes. Track your campaign performance and drive downloads at the cost that works for you. From start to finish iAd Workbench puts you in control.
In iAd Workbench, users can switch between "Automatic" and "Manual" optimization, with the latter mode granting the user more control over how the iAd campaign plays out. It's possible, for example, to configure iAds to only appear in certain app categories, thereby allowing developers to target mobile advertisements towards more specific audiences. What's more, devs can launch mobile ads via iAd Workbench for as little as $50 - a far cry from the $1 million minimum spend previously stipulated by Apple when its iAd service first launched! For more information on the recently launched iAd Workbench, take a look at Apple's website. Alternatively, see: Ashton Kutcher's "jOBS" Biopic Finally Gets A Release Date: August 16Gameloft Confirms: Brothers In Arms 3 To Launch For iOS, and Kobo For iOS Updated With New Reading Gestures And Other Improvements.

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