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Gmail Update Brings Revamped Inbox, New Notification Options

Google has just updated its popular Gmail app to add the recently introduced message sorting function. If you’ve enabled the new inbox at, your mail will be sorted into categories so you can see what is new at a glance and decide which emails to read when. Primary mail is shown first, and opening the menu will show other mail categories. The other major addition to the app is the new notification options. Users can be notified for all messages, only important messages, or none at all on a per account basis. The notification options can be modified in the settings menu. And if you’re keeping track, this update is officially version 2.3.14159 of the app. Someone at Google does have a sense of humor. Gmail is a universal app for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad/iPad mini. It can be downloaded now in the App Store for free. Google has been busy updating its large slate of iOS apps this week. A new version of Chrome recently brought improved voice search functionality to the third-party browser. And an update to Google Drive unveiled a new way to browse through images along with support for commenting.
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