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How To Enable HD Voice For AT&T-Powered iPhones

How To Enable HD Voice For AT&T-Powered iPhones

June 27, 2013
While HD Voice is set to hit AT&T-powered iPhones later this year, one new hacked carrier update allows users to enable the feature right now, jailbreak-free. In this sense, the carrier update is similar to the hack recently made available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S handsets running T-Mobile's network. In fact, it's created by the same guy. Once applied, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users will be able to enjoy an extended frequency range when engaging in calls made to compatible handsets. HD Voice (or, as it's also known, Wideband audio) therefore improves the clarity of calls, and it works really well on the iPhone 5. Though AT&T has yet to launch support for the feature, iTweakiOS has a hacked carrier update that can activate HD Voice right now on an AT&T-powered iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. The website explains:
This hack fixes the reported issue of unstable HSPA+ speeds/signal and iPad users having trouble updating and losing all signal. This hack enables, along with the previous enabled features, HD Voice for all iPhone models running on AT&T so users can now use the UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ network for HD qaulity calling on their 4S and 5. This hack also enables Release 7 HSDPA speeds for the iPhone 4S, giving it a new maximum theoretical downlink of 21Mbps, which AT&T does indeed support. Signal improvements from the previous release have not changed and are still present in this release along with unthrottled LTE and HSPA+. The previous band preferences have been altered this time around but not to prefer bands. It has been reprogrammed to do the following:
  • “Optimize WCDMA” which will deliver the fastest available speeds without hindering the towers and other users on it.
  • “Set LTE near threshold” which will also deliver the fastest available speeds that the LTE towers support.
Of course, there's no guarantee that the above hack will work for your particular smartphone, and potential hackers are also advised to back up their iPhone handset before attempting to apply the hacked carrier update. For download links and a full set of instructions, be sure to visit iTweakiOS. And remember, T-Mobile iPhone owners can enable HD Voice on their iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S now using a similar method. See also: Apple May Have Bigger Plans For Its New iTunes Radio ServiceJetBlue Issues Pilots With iPads And On-Board Wi-Fi, and To Pay Or Not To Pay: Apple Details iTunes Radio Royalty Terms For Record Labels.

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