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Use The Alien's New Machine To Play Around With The Weather In The Sims FreePlay

Use The Alien's New Machine To Play Around With The Weather In The Sims FreePlay

June 6, 2013
Are you ready to have close encounters with the Sims kind? Then download or update to the new version of The Sims FreePlay now. A couple of weeks ago, Electronic Arts launched a new set of limited-time goals in the popular freemium edition of The Sims. These goals challenged players to help Osiris the alien to unlock a futuristic teleporter. Now, with The Sims FreePlay's latest update, the friendly little green alien is back with a new futuristic device from his home planet. And it's none other than a weather machine. With the weather machine, you can harness Mother Nature's power to trigger precipitation and lightning storms over your Sims' housing lots. You can even choose between day or night time at your leisure. The latest update to The Sims FreePlay also brings the following add-ons:
  • Snow Park – Build the park and hit the slopes
  • Figure Skating Hobby – Increase you Sims’ skating skills and unlock all 12 medals for a bonus reward!
  • All new snow wear like beanies and ear muffs to make sure you’re ready for snowball fights!
  • Loads of new Home Store items including heaters, fans, and a range of all new decorative lights
The new version of The Sims FreePlay is available now in the App Store for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad — for free, of course. For information on The Sims FreePlay's last couple of updates, check out You'll Be Livin' Large Thanks To The Sims FreePlay's New Update and Take Simulation Gaming To New Heights With The Sims FreePlay's New Update. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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