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Want To Add HDR To The iPad's Camera App? Download iOS 7 This Fall

Apple fans looking to add a high dynamic range (HDR) photography option to the iPad's built-in Camera app will be pleased to learn that the feature is incoming in iOS 7. In fact, HDR for iPad has already been added in iOS 7 beta 2, which launched yesterday for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, according to 9to5Mac. It's a minor change, but one iPad photographers will nevertheless appreciate. As a reminder, HDR photography was added to the iPhone in iOS 4.1, and creates an overall image from three separate photographs captured at differing exposure levels. [caption id="attachment_433899" align="aligncenter" width="1042"] From our original investigation into the merits of HDR photography.[/caption] Design changes have also been made to the built-in Camera app in iOS 7 beta 2, which largely mirror those made to the application as it appears on the iOS 7-powered iPhone and iPod touch. For more information on iOS 7 for iPad, be sure to take a look at our recent video walkthrough. For additional iOS 7 beta 2 related news, see: Apple Unveils New Switch Control Accessibility Feature In iOS 7 Beta 2Apple Updates Messages App In iOS 7 To Include New Time Stamps, and Latest iOS 7 Beta Includes Ability To Stream Videos That Aren’t Stored On Your Device.
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