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Full Walkthrough: Apple's iOS 7 Beta 2 Running On The iPad

Full Walkthrough: Apple's iOS 7 Beta 2 Running On The iPad

June 25, 2013
Though we already had an idea of what iOS 7 would look like running on an iPad, Apple's recently released iOS 7 beta 2 (which reached developers yesterday) adds full iPad compatibility to the seventh iteration of the company's mobile operating system. In the below hands-on video, we take a closer look at how iOS 7 and its built-in apps perform while running on an iPad. Here's the video, see what you think:

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As you can see, there are no major surprises. Most iPad apps in iOS 7 look like "blown up" versions of their iPhone counterparts, though minor changes have been made to the Camera app. Notification Center is now full screen, while Control Center occupies a small section of the iPad's lower screen. Siri, too, also takes over all of the iPad's screen in iOS 7 beta 2, which is a nice addition and allows users to more easily read through information provided by the personal assistant. Do remember, however, that as we approach fall, changes could be made to iOS 7 for iPad throughout the course of numerous beta updates. We'll keep you posted on this front. In the meantime, be sure to check out our above hands-on video, or for more iOS 7 beta 2 related news, see: Apple Unveils New Switch Control Accessibility Feature In iOS 7 Beta 2Apple Updates Messages App In iOS 7 To Include New Time Stamps, and Latest iOS 7 Beta Includes Ability To Stream Videos That Aren't Stored On Your Device.

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