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Astronomy App Pocket Universe Rockets To Version 5.0

One of my all-time favorite educational apps, Pocket Universe, has just been updated to version 5.0. The update focuses on two major tasks – revamping the UI in preparation for the official release of iOS 7 this fall and fixing as many lingering bugs as possible. A new addition to the stargazing app is the alternative compass mode. Designed to provide better tracking results in some situations, it can be activated in both the motion tracking mode or virtual sky mode. And along with adding a nice dose of the iOS 7 Helvetica Neue Light font, the home screen features a revamped look and a new background texture. The update also specifically fixes 11 issues that cropped up in the previous version of the app. Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy is a universal app designed for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad/iPad mini. It can be downloaded in the App Store now for $2.99. For other app news today, see: Codea Now Lets You Run Your Projects Remotely And Edit Them Live With Air Code, Write For iPhone Gains iCloud Support In Addition To Dropbox File Syncing, Procreate Gains New Freehand Selection Tool, Copy And Paste System And More, and Vesper's First Update Brings Easier Tag Creation Plus More iOS 7-Like Interface Touches.
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