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Cydia Tweak: Now You Can Add An Android-Inspired Predictive Keyboard To iOS

Cydia Tweak: Now You Can Add An Android-Inspired Predictive Keyboard To iOS

July 5, 2013
It's fair to say that a handful of Android features would work well on Apple's iOS, with one particular aspect being the predictive keyboard Google includes with its mobile operating system. Fortunately for jailbreakers, one new jailbreak tweak makes it possible to add an iOS replica of the Android predictive keyboard to an iDevice for $2.39. Called PredictiveKeyboard, this brand new jailbreak tweak adds an extra row to Apple's virtual keyboard that provides shortcuts for predicted words. For example, say you start typing "hel" on your iPhone - PredictiveKeyboard will offer three predictions available to access, most likely including "hello," "help," and "held," among others. Touching one of the predicted words displayed on the virtual keyboard will then add said word to one's text field. It's as simple as that. Though free to download, jailbreakers looking to access PredictiveKeyboard will need to purchase (or restore) a $2.39 license for the jailbreak tweak in the Settings app. Here, it's also possible to enable or disable PredictiveKeyboard, to choose a language setting, and to configure how the jailbreak tweak adds items to its built-in dictionary. For more information on PredictiveKeyboard, check out the below video walkthrough.

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

As mentioned, PredictiveKeyboard is available to download in the Cydia Store free of charge, though a $2.39 purchase is required in order to use the jailbreak tweak on an iDevice. [gallery] See also: Cydia Tweak: How To Launch Web Pages With An Activator ActionCydia Tweak: YouSearch For NC Puts A YouTube Search Field In Notification Center, and MuscleNerd: Bootrom Exploit For Apple's Newer iDevices Still Undiscovered.

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