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Horatio Caine And The Team From CSI: Miami Hit The US App Store

Horatio Caine And The Team From CSI: Miami Hit The US App Store

July 19, 2013
After what appears to have been a preliminary launch in the Australian App Store (Plants vs. Zombies 2-style), CSI: Miami Heat Wave has launched in the U.S., meaning fans this side of globe can now play as Horatio Caine and his gang of crime scene investigators on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Based on the popular TV series, the app charges users with the task of solving a series of complex crimes, making it possible to "experience the life of a CSI on an iDevice," developer Ubisoft explains. Features of CSI: Miami Heat Wave include:
  • Search crime scenes with cool gadgets to uncover hot evidence.
  • Develop a top notch crime lab and process the evidence to expose the truth
  • Carefully question suspects to gain more information and catch the killer.
  • Solve the mysteries to unveil the grisly truth about each crime!
In the game, players can visit iconic Miami locations, "one crime at a time," and may unlock further cases through earning special weekly bonuses. After working up through the ranks, players will eventually become a lead crime scene investigator, just like Horatio! What's more, CSI: Miami Heat Wave can be downloaded free of charge in the App Store. Check out the new application now, or for more of today's app news, see: Let Your Ideas Fit Together With Binary Thumb's Grid For iOSIsometric App Updated With Instagram Integration, PNG Export And More, and Basecamp iOS App Makes On-The-Go Project Management Easier With New Update.

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