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Lawyer Sues Apple For Letting Him Download HD Movie To His iPhone 3G

Lawyer Sues Apple For Letting Him Download HD Movie To His iPhone 3G

July 8, 2013
One apparently bored Florida lawyer is taking Apple to court saying he was misled into downloading a high-definition movie for his iPhone 3G. Courthouse News first spotted the suit. The lawyer, Scott J. Weiselberg, is claiming in the class action suit that Apple’s default option to download the HD version at a higher price is misleading to owners with a device only capable of playing SD content:
"Despite the fact that Apple makes the HD version of the content offerings the default rental option, Apple failed to disclose to customers using SD Apple mobile devices that the device could not play the HD content being rented, and that the customer was needlessly paying the premium for the HD option," the complaint states.
Weiselberg was supposedly misled into downloading the HD rental version of “Big Daddy” in June 2010 for a $4.99 even though there was an SD version available for a dollar less. His iPhone 3G isn’t capable of showing the higher definition version. Courthouse News had more regarding the suit:
He claims that Apple eventually added a notice to the download process, letting people with SD devices know they could not play HD content, but by then the tech giant had already collected "millions of dollars in undeserved profits."
 "Apple failed to disclose to consumers they were paying a premium for HD downloads that would not be supported by the SD mobile Apple device, and that the consumers would actually be viewing SD content that was downloaded at the time of the rental," the complaint states.
Could this lawsuit be any more frivolous? Even if he couldn’t play the HD version on his iPhone, he could have easily gotten his money worth via an Apple TV or even iTunes on his computer. For other news today, see: The 7 Coolest Features And Changes In iOS 7 Beta 3, So Far, Finally, Twitter Apps Sync Direct Message Read Status, and App Store Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary With Special Timeline In iTunes.

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