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Mailbox Developer Orchestra To Shut Down Namesake To-Do App 2 Years After Launch

Mailbox Developer Orchestra To Shut Down Namesake To-Do App 2 Years After Launch

July 27, 2013
Orchestra has just announced that it will be shutting down its namesake to-do app, Orchestra To-do, as it sets its focus exclusively on developing its popular email app, Mailbox. Released in September 2011, Orchestra To-do was praised in our original AppAdvice review as "a task manager app with a beautiful interface and many useful functions, including the sharing and assigning of different tasks." Orchestra To-do also features reminders, recurring tasks, real-time sync, and voice capture. In September 2012, Orchestra decided to put the development of Orchestra To-do on hold in order to create Mailbox, which has turned out to be a big success. Essentially an email app enhanced with to-do app features, Mailbox made a splash when it was launched last February and quickly attracted the attention of its fellow "box" service, Dropbox, which acquired it in March. Now, in favor of Mailbox, Orchestra has decided to altogether stop the development of Orchestra To-do:
There is much about Orchestra that we love, and it’s hard for us to say goodbye to it. You may feel the same way. But we believe Mailbox offers a simpler and more direct approach to our mission of solving the problem of using email as a to-do list, and it’s important that we devote all our resources to Mailbox going forward.
As a result, Orchestra To-do is set to be shut down. The app and its associated key services, including sync, task delegation, and Web app access, will be discontinued on Sept. 6, two years after its launch. Orchestra suggests that you copy any tasks you may still have on the app and save them elsewhere, say, in Wunderlist. While the discontinuation of Orchestra To-do is rather unfortunate, I think Orchestra's decision to concentrate on improving the already great Mailbox app is quite promising. As a longtime user of the app, I'm looking forward to what Orchestra has in store for Mailbox now that all of its resources have been allocated to the app's development. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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